Jonathan Bell



Software developer residing in Victoria BC, Canada with over seven years of experience developing and building robust, high-volume commercial and government web applications; most proficient in JavaScript (Node, TypeScript, Vue) and the LAMP stack (PHP/Laravel, Apache, MySQL).

Seeking a position with a small to enterprise-sized company as a full-stack or front-end developer. Pursuing companies with collaborative and welcoming cultures as well as opportunities for long-term growth in engineering and management positions. Ready to work inside an agile development team with an affinity for iterative workflows.

Fluent in both written and spoken English and Italian.


Software Developer 2

January 2019 to present, Benevity, Victoria BC

Benevity Spark: Corporate payroll giving platform supporting 900+ companies/clients across the globe

Leveraging knowledge in: Full-stack web development; Laravel, Vue, TypeScript, OOPHP, Spring Boot (Java), MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, Git, Jenkins (CICD), Docker, Jest, PHPUnit, JIRA & Drupal

User Experience Design; Web Developer

March 2015 to April 2018, Ministry of Education, BC Public Service, Victoria BC

Student Success BC: BC Public Service web application that supports public access and display of BC school data such as school success scores and completion rates

Leveraged knowledge in: Full-stack web development; PHP, Oracle, Laravel, CSS, Git, Drupal & jQuery

Web Developer

July 2014 to Febuary 2015, Ministry of Advanced Education, BC Public Service, Victoria BC

StudentAid BC: British Columbia student loan application website; where students apply for loans in British Columbia

Leveraged knowledge in: PHP, PostgreSQL, Drupal module creation, CSS, jQuery/JavaScript

Software Projects

Personal Website (

Utilized: Vue, Jest, Astro, TypeScript, CSS Grid

Blizzard Judge (

Utilized: Node, CSS, JavaScript, MongoDB, Mongoose, 3rd party APIs (Cloudinary, YouTube)


Communication and Creative Advertising

January 2007, Instituto di Design, Milan, Italy

Graduated with diploma; applied skills acquired in the areas of web design and photography.

Software Skills


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